Natural Treatment For Tinnitus

As you are well aware, tinnitus presents as an awareness of noises or sounds in your ears.  These sounds could be ringing, buzzing, hissing or other irritating noises similar to this and still be present when there is no external sound. The sounds may be irregular or continuous and the intensity differs from person to person. In some instances, tinnitus is related to medical problems and may influence hearing. Regardless of the cause of your tinnitus, we all know how irritating tinnitus is and finding a cure is essential. On this page we will explore the natural treatment for tinnitus to help eliminate the condition permanently.


We must start this article with the bad news and mention that unfortunately in some cases of tinnitus is it very difficult to cure or even alleviate.  If the condition is the result of damage to the hearing mechanism there is every chance nothing at all can be done. This damage is often thought to be caused when there is prolonged exposure to loud noises such high volume music or noisy machinery.

Despite this, in many cases the tinnitus does respond well to treatment and the primary treatment options include medical intervention such as surgery or medication or natural treatments, which we will discuss in more detail below. Do not give up in your search for something to help with your condition.  Read and implement our natural treatment for tinnitus options below and hopefully you will find one that suits you and helps lessen your tinnitus woes.

Natural Treatment For Tinnitus

Medication and Diet

Look at any medication you are taking and take note of any side effects which they may have.  Some drugs such as Aspirin and anti-inflammatories, especially if used long term, can potentially affect the inner ear and perhaps cause hearing loss or tinnitus. You could discuss a change of medication with your doctor and may find that by doing this you have found your personal natural treatment for tinnitus.

You should also have a look at your diet and keep a food and beverage diary to see if any particular foods are causing the tinnitus or making it worse.  It has been found that alcoholic drinks and caffeine make the condition worse and some people find relief from their tinnitus when they reduce or eliminate their consumption of these.  Other food and beverage items such as cheese and high sugar products can trigger tinnitus and find some ear pain relief in eliminating these items from their diet.  Be aware of the connection between your diet and your tinnitus – this should not be overlooked. 

Moods and Emotions

Keep a diary of when the tinnitus seems to be worse.  You may find that if you get stressed or have another emotional disturbance the tinnitus will be exaggerated.  Once you can pinpoint the trigger the best solution is to remove yourself from the situation to avoid that emotional disturbance. Obviously this can be easier said than done and in certain instances further professional help may be required to help with controlling your moods and emotions.


Another good natural treatment for tinnitus is what is known as a masker or tinnitus marker. These are small devices that play pleasant sounds and are said to offer instant relief to the noises in the ears by essentially masking the noises typical of tinnitus. By concentrating the hearing on the pleasant sound you are distracted from the unpleasant noises. In a similar method, sounds pillows can be used at night time; pillows with small speakers that also play pleasant sounds to detract for the irritating tinnitus buzzing/ringing.

Supplements and Homeopathic Remedies

Consideration should be given to all of the natural treatment for tinnitus.  Supplements such as zinc, herbal remedies such as ginkgo biloba and homeopathic treatments have been found to work for some people.  Others have found some relief by having acupuncture or hypnosis carried out.

As a final word we suggest you take your time to research and test each natural treatment for tinnitus.  You might not immediately find the right one for you, however persevere and you may be able to eliminate the underlying cause or at least relieve the symptoms to a greater or lesser extent. Don’t forget to sign up for our email series by entering your email address in the box to the right to find out more about tinnitus and the natural remedies you can use overcome this condition.