Ear Pain Relief

Ear pain relief will be the first thing you think of when you have an ear ache or ear infection pain. Most people will have ear ache to some extent or another in their life but some people will have such severe ear pain that it actually interferes with daily life and sometimes make it difficult to sleep.  Ear ache can also be accompanied by a headache. This results in a cycle of pain, tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell.

Ear pain is a result of swelling and inflammation of the ear structure whether it is an infection of the skin of the outer ear or an infection in the middle ear or eardrum.



The most common symptom of ear ache is obviously the pain but can also be accompanied by other symptoms such as: light dizziness with a headache; slight or sometimes more severe loss of hearing or fever (if the pain is caused by another ailment). 

Causes of Ear Pain

  • Having another ailment such as the common cold or a chest or sinus infection which can cause ear congestion or  inflammation in the ear. Swimming without ear plugs or a swimming cap.  Water, with its accompanying bacteria found in swimming pools, can enter the ear canal and cause infection.
  • It may be self inflicted when you try to clean your ears yourself and use a cotton swab too vigorously.  This may break or scratch the skin which could allow bacteria in to set up an infection.
  • It may be that the eardrum has ruptured due to pressure change, for example when flying.
  • There may be inflammation of the ear drum due to a viral or bacterial infection.

Ear Pain Relief – Treatment

Treatment of ear pain will depend on what has caused it and how severe it is.  If the condition is causing real discomfort or mild pain the following suggestions may work for you. Try placing a warm towel over the painful ear.  This probably will not cure the problem but will give some comfort and most likely only temporary ear pain relief. However it could give more permanent relief if the pain is caused by a build up of mucus rather than an ear infection. You can also warm up some olive oil or similar pure oil and put two or three drops in the affected ear.  You must make absolutely sure the oil is only warm and not hot as hot oil could cause permanent ear damage.  Depending on the underlying cause of the air pain this will probably give you some pain relief but will likely not cure the problem.

These, of course, are home remedies and will help you only in cases of mild ear ache and slight discomfort.  However if the ear pain is more severe you should trying using over the counter medication or seek medical advice.  If this is the case then you should try to following courses of action:

    • Decongestant medication bought over the counter can help to reduce or eliminate and blockage in the ears by softening any mucus build up, in the case of a common cold, and allowing it to drain thus relieving the pain.
    • Take antihistamine tables, which also can be bought over the counter, for a few days if you think the ear pain is the result of a blockage in the ear caused by an allergy.
    • Take pain killers if the ear ache is causing mild to moderate pain. These will help to ease the ache and also help with any headache which may accompany the ear pain.
    • Antiseptic eardrops will provide ear pain relief.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the package.

If there is fever and more severe pain it would be best to consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of whatever underlying ailment is causing the condition. It may be necessary for the doctor to prescribe antibiotics.


At the first warning signs of ear ache or pain;

Follow one of the home ear infection remedies or use one of the over the counter products if you think the condition is caused by another ailment. Do not continue these remedies if the pain is severe and continues for more than a few days.


You should seek medical advice if the symptoms continue for more than one week. It may be that the ear ache is caused by a more deep seated infection of the inner ear. If there is puss coming out of the ear which is painful do not use any home remedies and rather seek medical advice immediately as you will need to be prescribed antibiotics.  If the antibiotics do not provide ear pain relief within one to two days go back to the doctor for another consultation. If the cause of the problem and pain is not clear then it may be necessary for an ear specialist to assess the condition.  Any treatment will depend on what underlying cause of the ear pain is found.

I hope you know have a better understanding of the causes and symptoms of ear ache and ear pain and the best home remedies and medical remedies to provide ear pain relief. Please feel free to browse around the other pages of the website using the navigation menu on the right hand side to find more information about specific types of ear pain and problems and what you can do to overcome them.