Ear Infection Remedies – What You Should Do

Most people will have a mild or severe ear infection during their life and ear infection remedies will be your priority when you think you might have an ear infection.  Sometimes it is just an ear ache which will disappear by itself within a day or two and sometimes the ache or pain will be due to an infection of the skin of the outer ear, the middle ear or the eardrum and will need some treatment whether it is a home remedy or medical treatment.


Symptoms of an Ear Infection

The most common symptoms of an ear infection are: mild or severe dizziness, possibly accompanied by a headache; some degree of loss of hearing and fever (if the infection is severe).

It should be noted that not all ear aches or pains are triggered by an ear infection, sometimes a mild ear ache is just a blocked ear caused by mucus build up after a cold, for example.  Sometimes you may get a pain in your ear because something else is wrong, for example, you have a problem with one of your teeth. Before discussing ear infection remedies we will examine the potential causes of an ear infection.

Causes of Ear Infections

  • Another illness such as a cold or a chest infection which can cause the infection in the ear.
  • Swimming pool or other water can get into your ears when swimming without protecting your ears with ear plugs. Bacteria in the water can cause infection in the ear.
  • You may cause the damage yourself by cleaning out your ears with too much force. You could damage or break the skin and allow a bacterial infection to enter the ear.
  • A viral or bacterial infection may cause inflammation of the ear drum.

Ear Infection Remedies

In many cases you will not require any of the following remedies. However, if the ear infection is causing discomfort of pain you could try placing a warm cloth or towel over the infected ear which may help to lessen the pain or ear congestion and will certainly give some level of comfort or place two or three drops of olive oil or vegetable oil into the affected ear.  Make sure the oil is not hot as this will in all probability cause damage to the ear.  This will provide some relief from the pain but if it is an infection it will probably not heal this.

These home remedies will ease discomfort and pain but if the problem is an actual infection and is causing serious pain you could try the following remedies:

  • Over the counter decongestant may help if in fact it is not an ear infection but rather a blocked or clogged ear due to the build up of mucus.
  • Antihistamine tables may also help if it is a blocked ear due to an allergy rather than an infection.
  • You could take pain killers if the ear infection is causing pain.
  • You may find that antiseptic eardrops are good ear infection remedies provided you stick to the information for use provided on the packet.
  • If there is severe pain and it is obvious that it is an ear infection you should make a doctor’s appointment and it is likely that a course of antibiotics will be prescribed. In this case taking the pain killers at the same time will also relieve the pain.


Prevention is always the best cure. At the first warning signs of an ear infection consider using one of the home remedy methods discussed above or one of the products bought from the pharmacy. If the symptoms persist you should consult a doctor.


You should return to see your doctor if the ear infection has not cleared up after about one week of starting to take antibiotics or if your hearing has not returned to normal after the infection has cleared up. If the cause of the problem and pain is not clear then it may be necessary for an ear specialist to assess the condition.  Any treatment will depend on what underlying cause of the ear pain is found.

I hope you know have a better understanding of the causes and symptoms of ear infection and the best home and medical ear infection remedies.