Clogged Ear Remedies

Most people will suffer from ear aches at some stage in their life and typically this will be due to ear wax or fluid being present which can cause a the ear to become clogged and subsequently ache. Before considering the best clogged ear remedies you need to know what is causing the clogging as this will assist you in deciding which remedy is most appropriate.

Before using any home or shop bought remedies make sure you identify whether there is wax build up or whether there is an allergy or infection present. Often the clogging which is causing the ear ache will just disappear within one or two days but at other times it might lead to or be due to already established ear inflammation or infection.

If it is just clogging or a blocked ear there are different techniques and remedies to try but if it is an infection the remedies will be different.  An infection might be on the skin on the outside of the ear or deeper into the ear. If it is a viral infection it will more than likely be necessary to visit your doctor for medical treatment, especially if you are dealing with a baby or small child.

If there is pain rather than just discomfort, visit your doctor.  If you are not sure the of the reason for your ear problems, visit your doctor.


Symptoms Of A Clogged Ear

The most obvious symptoms of a clogged ear are a feeling of ‘fullness’ in the ear,  a feeling of something stuck in your ear, a feeling of pressure in your ear, a degree of hearing loss or some ringing (tinnitus) in your ear. It can be an incredibly uncomfortable sensation and often people will complain of being unable to ‘pop’ their ears.

Causes Of A Clogged Ear

Your ear may be clogged by ear wax or by mucus following another illness such as a cold or of flu. Changes in pressure such as when you are taking off of landing during a flight is also a common cause of a clogged ear. Occasionally, a bacterial or viral infection can present with symptoms similar to a clogged ear but in this case,  the problem is not a clogged ear but something more severe which is required to be diagnosed by a doctor.

Clogged Ear Remedies

In a high percentage of cases you will not require any of the clogged ear remedies as the clogging or blockage will sort itself out. However, if the clogging is causing a lot of discomfort or is lasting for a prolonged period you could try the following one of the following treatment strategies:

  • Place a warm cloth or towel over the clogged which may help loosen any ear wax if this is the reason for the clogging.
  • Drip some warmed up (not hot) olive oil to the clogged ear. Once again this might loosen any ear wax that may be clogging.
  • Taking a long steamy shower could help to loosen the ear wax.
  • You could try pinching your nose and then with your mouth closed breath out through your nose while still pinching your nose. This will get rid of pressure in the ear and will relieve the feeling of fullness in the ear.
  • You could try yawning or chewing gum which will also release the pressure in the ear. 
  • Hydrogen peroxide ear wax removal may also be considered in certain circumstances.

These home remedies for clogged ears might solve the problem and allow any ear wax to disperse and fall out but if the problem is because of an ear infection (read more about the symptoms of an ear infection here) and is causing pain you could try the following remedies (although it is wise to consult your doctor first):

  • Decongestant products from the pharmacy might help if the clogged ear is due to a build up of mucus in the ear.
  • Antihistamine tables may be helpful if the clogged ear is due to a hay fever or other allergy.
  • If there is severe pain and it is obvious that it is an ear infection you should make a doctor’s appointment and it is likely that a course of antibiotics will be prescribed. In this case taking the pain killers at the same time will also relieve the pain


When you think you may be developing clogged ears you can consider using the home clogged ear remedies as mentioned above to prevent clogging developing. You should avoid poking your ears with cotton buds or other ear cleaning objects.

If the systems persist you should consult a doctor.


You should see your doctor if you are not sure whether the condition is a clogged ear of something more problematic or if your hearing is impaired for any length of time. The doctor will drain the fluid if necessary and will call you for other appointments if further draining is needed.

In certain cases the doctor may be unsure of what is causing the ear problem and you may be referred to an ear specialist for diagnosis. Sometimes puss will be seen in the ear and in this circumstance you must go to your doctor and avoid using any of the clogged ear remedies discussed above. Remember, do not neglect the clogged ears, as ignoring the symptoms may lead to ear infections which could cause more serious ear problems.